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Our renovation service allows you to carry out all your residential renovation projects. Do you have a renovation project in mind? Whether renovating your kitchen or bathroom or simply decorating a room on your property, we will be able to help you! We are empowered and well equipped in a multitude of renovations.

Renovation and rehabilitation

A specialized service carries out renovation and rehabilitation works. We renovate or transform buildings for housing, commerce, industry. These works can be relatively simple (installation of sanitary equipment, electricity, heating), as heavier.

interior renovation

  • Complete renovation of kitchens and bathrooms

  • Demolition

  • Division of walls (frame)

  • Installation of gypsum / plasterboard

  • Jointing

  • Laying of ground cover (hardwood - floating - ceramics - tiles and others)

  • Installation of kitchen cabinets

  • Counter installation

  • Installation of kitchen backsplash

  • Wall placement of decorative stones

  • Molding and woodwork

  • Painting

  • Basement finish

  • Finishing of all kinds

  • Stair restoration

  • Audio, video and network cabling in walls

  • Insulation

  • Door installation of all kinds

  • Floor leveling

The respect of the rules

From demolition to finish, SHC can take care of everything. Attention to detail and respect for the rules of the art of construction are part of each of our projects. We know that the materials chosen deserve to be well installed.


When you callSHC, a full range of indoor and outdoor home improvement and repair services are available to you.

Our strengths

  • Compliance with the requirements of a quality approach and attention to detail

  • Respect for the real cost of the work

  • Optimization of operating procedures

  • Respect of deadlines

  • Works carried out by our skilled workers and craftsmen

  • Special attention to safety on construction sites

Exterior renovation

  • Replacement of doors and windows

  • Installation of wooden fences

  • Patio assembly

  • Shed assembly

  • Concrete slab

  • Sealer

  • Repair of brick walls

  • Roof inspection and repair

  • Inspection, cleaning and repair of rain gutters

  • Complete caulking

  • Repair of ventilation valve (hood, dryer, bathroom)

Our expertise

Notre expertise

Realization of commercial spaces

For many years, we have supported our customers in the creation of their commercial spaces.

Our intervention in professional or commercial environments requires special attention in terms of security and confidentiality. We are able to provide solutions during work carried out in active premises in order to limit nuisance and give our customers the opportunity to continue their activities in the best possible conditions.

Meeting deadlines, speed of execution and flexibility are elements that allow us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.


Our expertise in the management and execution of works allows us to implement all the means necessary for the execution of the site.

We are committed to coordinating and carrying out the work in the best conditions and within a specified time.

During construction, communication is an important element and the presence of the project manager during construction site meetings is essential, and this throughout the construction phase in order to bring your personal touch and participate in the catch. of decision. Because the difference is sometimes measured in the smallest details.


During the study phase, we provide you with overall solutions determining the major elements of the project.

This is an essential step, it allows you to have a concrete vision of the technical, financial and time aspects.

It is during this phase that we get to know each other and that you explain your ideas, your desires, your dreams ...

Realization of private spaces

Renovating, enlarging your house or apartment is an important step. Whether it is a complete renovation or a partial transformation, we offer unique solutions, adapted to your needs and your space. A fully personalized and tailor-made project. IN & OUT

Extend your living space and enhance your exterior.

We bring you suitable solutions for all types of outdoor work, terrace, swimming pool,

Portal, etc…

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