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Our areas of intervention

Drinking water supply

SHC specializes in drinking water distribution networks, from the sources and points of collection - pumping, to treatment tarpaulins and storage tanks, and to the particular connections of consumers


These works relate to the construction:

  • sanitation manholes of sources and catchments

  • Winnowing and regulation chambers

  • Treatment stations

  • Storage tanks

  • Lift stations

  • And all types of interconnection and distribution networks

Roads and various networks 

In roads and Various Networks, we realize all or part of the works related to the construction or the repair of roads, pavements like asphalt, railways and their dependences (curbs, sidewalks and gutters) all according to safety rules. the masons vrd within the framework of their work, can drive machines of public works. These activities are carried out after studies by our specialist in structural work or public works.


The design and construction of a house is generally done in response to a set of conditions, natural, social, economic or site and the requirements of the client, this constitutes a program to be resolved through the design process . When we work on a concept, our goal is to create a residence that will have charm, soul, beauty.

Our custom designs, in the city or in the countryside, are imaginative, beautiful and unique. We choose the ideal location of the house on its site in order to harmonize it with the views, the movements of light and sun. We favor noble and durable materials, we organize places in an ingenious and beautiful way…


We are at your disposal for the installation and compliance of your network and autonomous or collective sanitation system. Specialized in drainage, wastewater evacuation and rainwater recovery, we offer a tailor-made sanitation solution.

Residential building

We ensure the delivery of turnkey projects respecting deadlines, cost and quality as well as a follow-up of guarantees operated in the state of the art. We also manage numerous renovation, rehabilitation, restructuring and work site programs.

Ingénierie & Consulting

Supporting the client in one or more of the phases of the life cycle of a project, from design to completion, our consulting engineers offer strategic advice both technically and economically and intervene in a wide variety of fields which can touch on construction, energy, the environment or even transport infrastructure.

Our expertise

Notre expertise


Thanks to our certified electrical inspectors, SHC assesses the conformity of electrical installations, provides you with a safety report and solutions to be provided since the owner or operator is himself responsible for repairing any electrical fault identified on a building.


A specialized service carries out renovation and rehabilitation works. We renovate or transform buildings for housing, commerce, industry. These works can be relatively simple (installation of sanitary equipment, electricity, heating), as heavier.

Safety and prevention

OSH prevention officer


Are you looking for an agent, with or without a site card? We have developed a distinctive network

with competent and reliable agents who bring real value to your site.

More than an agency !!! Action SST stands out with its approach


- Framing

- OSH support for agents thanks to our team of OSH experts

- Availability of proven programs, policies and tools if required

Skills training

We organize training courses with the obtaining of a professional title of masons in highways and miscellaneous networks, also of canalizers

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