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Rainwater, wastewater

We are at your disposal for the installation and compliance of your network and autonomous or collective sanitation system. Specialized in drainage, wastewater evacuation and rainwater recovery, we offer a tailor-made sanitation solution.


The SHC company is responsible for several maintenance markets: repair, extension or even connections to sewerage networks.

We specialize in this type of work, public or private, and are able to meet all your expectations: important public works or even private traditional works (realization of buried networks, removal of septic tanks, installation of retention tank water, dry networks…).


We take care of the study and the tailor-made realization of rainwater recovery systems collected by your roofs for your sanitary facilities, your washing machine, watering your garden or washing your car.


Creation of your sanitation / wastewater treatment system: septic tank, draining or non-draining sand filter, trench and spreading drain, connection to mains drainage (collective network).

Our teams

Our pipers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the drinking water distribution and wastewater disposal networks. Drilling trenches using construction equipment, installing pipes, laying connections, fitting out openings or manholes to carry out corrective or preventive maintenance operations, repairing the road system ...

Public sector

S.H.C. is the preferred partner of local and private communities in terms of construction and maintenance of networks, S.H.C offers innovative technologies, in Building, sanitation, and drinking water supply networks.

Our expertise

Notre expertise

Our solutions

We offer solutions for your non-collective sanitation, with equipment manufactured by our partners such as TRICEL and SEBICO with its new range of MICROSTATION AQUAMERIS AQ2. A single compartment fixed culture microstation unit allowing the 3 functions of wastewater treatment to be grouped together: pretreatment, biological treatment by the bioreactor, and water treatment by the clarifier.


Our wastewater needs to be treated and then returned to the natural environment while preserving public health and the environment. Non-collective sanitation (ANC), also called autonomous or individual sanitation, is the most suitable technical and economic solution in rural areas. It concerns dwellings not connected to a public collection network.

Risks, and regulations

The sanitation system is subject to strict regulations. We intervene to bring your collective and non-collective sanitation network into conformity according to the European standards in force.

Transformation and control

it is essential to regularly pump and drain your sanitation network in accordance with the legislation. Do not hesitate to follow the indications of the pit manufacturers in particular, according to their use, and above all do not wait to know the regulations. Take advantage of advice by contacting, SHC specialist in works, installation, maintenance and maintenance of sanitation systems, unclogging, cleaning, uprooting, leak detection, video inspection etc.

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