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Thermography on your installations allows you to quickly identify electrical faults. Using a thermal camera, SHC identifies overloads in electrical circuits, improper tightening of wires, overheating and other problems that can cause electrical danger. At the end of the intervention, SHC will give you a report with the details of the electrical faults identified as well as the solutions that can be applied.


Thanks to our certified electrical inspectors, SHC assesses the conformity of electrical installations, provides you with a safety report and solutions to be provided since the owner or operator is himself responsible for repairing any electrical fault identified on a building.

The contracts

Electricity maintenance contracts may relate to any installation carried out by SHC or other electricians for commercial, industrial buildings or for your home. Home automation, circuit breakers, electrical circuit, optical fiber, telephone or computer cabling, we are at your service with availability and listening to guarantee your comfort and safety, at your workplace and at home.


SHC manages the electrical maintenance of numerous companies and private clients on a mandate basis. Whether for overhauls, inspections or emergencies in the event of breakdowns or any other electrical problem, our electricians and advisers take care of verifying the proper functioning of electrical systems or repairing them quickly.


we have the experience to carry out domestic and commercial electricity installations.

Whether you want advice on the installation of high and low current electricity, telephone or computer cabling, fiber optics, minergie building, LED lighting, during a construction site or for renovations, our qualified project managers and electricians support you in your projects with availability and advice. Thanks to our experience of large projects and our versatile team, SHC guarantees the qualitative realization of your electricity installation as soon as possible.

Energy saving

SHC offers you the possibility of calculating the possible electricity savings of your residential, administrative or industrial building. By taking part in the eco21 GIS program, we support large companies and individuals alike to reduce their electricity consumption for better management of natural resources. Lighting, heating, use of your installations and home automation solutions, take part in sustainable development thanks to our experts who will offer you cost-effective and efficient solutions according to your budget and your planning possibilities.

Our expertise

Notre expertise


SHC has a breakdown service 24/24 and 365 days of the year, which intervenes in the event of a breakdown on your electrical installation.

Study and projects

SHC is able to give you a study of your projects and establish a concrete budget for the realization of your future electrical work.

We will be able to listen to your needs and can draw you the electrical plans of your future installations

Energy domestic

Home automation allows you to connect and control the various electrical systems in your building such as lighting, temperature, ventilation or blinds, for example, without having to use a switch or do it manually. Thanks to remote controls or from home, you can easily control and optimize the energy performance of your building, while offering you comfort and practicality.

Our technological installations allow you to choose to program your home automation system as well as the control mode that you favor (email, application, SMS), as you wish and in all flexibility.

Transformation of organizations

Several primary energy sources are available to ensure their operation: wind, solar, hydraulic, fossil, nuclear, chemical, thermal, mechanical and light.

Primary energy sources must generally be transformed into a useful form of energy before they can serve as an input allowing the functioning of technical objects.

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