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Engineering & consulting


We manage the effective construction of works, we create innovative solutions, adapted and optimized according to the situations, and privileges projects giving priority to the public interest and offering a sustainable and quality living environment, while minimizing the environmental impact. Contributing to the optimization of costs on each project expenditure item is an integral part of our role. our engineers will favor you with the methods and techniques allowing you to optimize project management in the short, medium and long term. They rationalize expenses and reduce construction, operation and maintenance costs of the project.

Our role as consultant

Supporting the client in one or more of the phases of the life cycle of a project, from design to completion, our consulting engineers offer strategic advice both technically and economically and intervene in a wide variety of fields which can touch on construction, energy, the environment or even transport infrastructure. They use their expertise and experience acquired on similar projects in order to offer the customer quality assistance to guarantee the success of the project. Our engineers assess the client's problem, analyze the challenges and determine the most suitable solutions, techniques, and technologies to optimize the completion of the project.

Other spots

  • establish the preliminary design and pre-dimensioning,

  • develop the final design project,

  • perform administrative procedures and in particular authorization requests, follow all of these procedures,

  • plan creatively and innovatively an achievement, both from a technical and economic point of view, plan its coordination and supervision,

  • directing and administering construction sites, monitoring and inspecting construction works by intervening in the field, and receiving them,

  • coordinate, where appropriate, the work of various trades members of the team such as scientists, technologists, town planners, surveyors, architects, land negotiators, ecologists, geoscientists and even archaeologists.

Our mission

Our missions of consultant covers one or more phases of a project, from its conception to its realization. We can intervene on the development, the construction, but also the renovation of a structure. Depending on the scope of the mission, we are required to:

  • perform topographic surveys,

  • carry out feasibility studies, investment analyzes, preliminary studies and in particular studies on social and environmental impacts,

  • make plans and calculations,

  • designing the project, its variants, minimizing energy consumption and the impact on the environment, studying asset management and optimization.

Structural diagnosis

SHC is also an engineering company specializing in the technical study, recognition and structural diagnosis of existing buildings.


We intervene within the framework of projects of renovation, rehabilitation or change of destination of the works or even during periodic audits or expert reports following the appearance of disorders.

Our Sector

We manage the design, construction of works and maintenance of infrastructure, transport systems, equipment, technical installations, and energy supply, our consulting engineers play a decisive role in the success of your projects and for your socio-economic development.

Our expertise

Notre expertise


Diagnosis and visual inspection of existing structures

– Inspection carried out using lifting equipment, all SHC personnel hold a CACES permit.

- Inspection by drones, binoculars, rope access technicians…

technical strategy

SHC works on any type of structure and adapts the techniques most appropriate to the project to be studied.

  • Buildings: collective housing, residences, administrative buildings, offices, hotels, sports, cultural and leisure complexes, industries, hospitals, retirement homes, colleges, universities

  • Structures, civil engineering: bridges, tunnels, exchangers, covered trenches Power plants, nuclear, thermal and hydraulic

  • Hydraulic works: treatment plants, collectors, basins, water towers

  • Maritime and river works: ports, canals, locks, channels, dikes

  • Historical monuments: castles, religious buildings, remains…

Risks and prevention

Reinforcement recommendations, optimization of reinforcement solutions

All of these analyzes and observations allow SHC CONSTRUCTION, as a last step, to offer reinforcement and / or comfort solutions adapted to the problem.


Modeling and analysis of structures

For load capacity checks and calculations, SHC CONSTRUCTION will use ROBOT Structural Analysis software. This software makes it possible to assess the stability of a structure vis-à-vis the various actions it undergoes (wind, snow, earthquake, equipment, activities of people) and thus validate its suitability for use.

SHC CONSTRUCTION will carry out the modeling of the supporting structure and will determine the maximum admissible loads by this one.

This analysis can be applied for:
– Determine the permissible operating load by a floor or paving

- Evaluate the admissible overload of a frame or a beam

- Validate the possibility of raising a structure with respect to the foundations and the vertical structure

- Validate the possibility of opening within load-bearing walls or floors

Insofar as pathologies have been observed on the structure, SHC CONSTRUCTION will assess the harmfulness of the disorders on the stability and durability of the structure.

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