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Professional hospital premises cleaning


The cleaning of professional premises contributes to the well-being of nursing staff and patients

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Because the cleanliness of hospital premises has a direct impact on the health of nursing staff and patients, it is essential to ensure that the premises are cleaned on a regular basis.

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To offer the best possible reception to patients and visitors and to provide staff with a healthy and hygienic quality of life at work, you can opt for the services of the Hyrame Construction Company, having a taste for service and able to accompany you as a true partner. Your sector of activity requires specific expertise and would like to entrust the cleaning of your premises to a team specializing in cleaning and capable of disinfecting all the premises.

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Our company is responsible for cleaning in the hospital. His job consists of regular, daily cleaning of all hospital surfaces as well as maintaining a high level of hygiene in the establishment.

SHC thus plays a crucial role in the prevention of infections, works in collaboration with the Infections Control Committee and fulfills the following missions:

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  1. Organize the different areas of the hospital according to the varying cleaning needs;

  2. Develop rules relating to appropriate cleaning techniques: procedure, frequency, agents used, etc. for each type of room, from the most contaminated to the cleanest and ensure that these practices are respected;

  3. Provide appropriate training to all service personnel, when taking up their duties and then periodically, to verify that skills are maintained, when a new technique is implemented or when a new product or new equipment is used ;

  4. Establish methods for the disinfection of the patient's bed, mattress and pillow;

  5. Determine how often to wash / disinfect privacy curtains, walls, floors and furniture.

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