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Mason roads and various networks

Small or large sites, construction or rehabilitation sites, the professional road and network builder works with concrete, bitumen, asphalt, gravel ... Equipped with his measuring tape, floor saw or even small compactor, he builds, repairs and maintains sidewalks, cycle paths, playgrounds…

Also called: road maintenance agent and various networks, road operating agent, manufacturer of roads and networks; road worker, road worker and various networks, paver-trimmer, curb and gutter installer

Skills training

We organize training courses with the obtaining of a professional title of MASONS IN HIGHWAYS AND MISCELLANEOUS NETWORKS, also of CANALIZERS

The admission


For a good adaptation in training, it is desirable to know how to read, write, count.

Formation's goal

  • Build small masonry structures and make the surface layers

  • Laying edges and gutters

  • Build shallow underground networks

pipelayer objectives


  • Carry out the preparation and repair work for a buried pipeline site

  • Build a sanitation network in public works

  • Build a drinking water supply network for public works


His work is not visible but essential. The channeler installs and maintains manholes, connections, valves, gutters, etc. in order to convey drinking water, dispose of wastewater, collect rainwater and transport gas (for certain countries).

Also called: pipelayer.

Our expertise

Notre expertise

Our Training Organization

SHC to a qualified professional training organization. Its primary mission has not changed: to train you for employment. Created to meet the needs of skilled construction workers.

Training duration



About 7 months (945 hours).

Indicative and adjustable durations according to people's needs.


Targeted validation:


Professional title of channeler.

Obtaining the professional title "Channeler" is proof of the skills of a skilled worker

Risks, finance and regulatory

We have four missions:

  1. Certification: certification engineering

  2. anticipating the jobs and skills of tomorrow: identifying emerging skills, designing and experimenting with the training of tomorrow,

  3. supporting skills development: studying the needs of new skills on the job market,

  4. support for operators in charge of professional development consultancy activities, in particular through the discovery of trades on technical platforms


  6. This with the approval of governments


we support job seekers and employees without discrimination at all periods of their professional life (integration, retraining, professionalization). We are also at the service of economic development, growth and competitiveness of companies by training in the skills they need.

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