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Drinking water supply

Types of work

  • Source structures, wells, collection chamber

  • Water treatment plants

  • Pumping and storage structures

  • Equipment for regulation and metering works

  • Inter-municipal and distribution networks

  • Industrial water networks

  • Connections of individual, collective, public, industrial constructions

  • All repairs and interventions in maintenance of distribution works and pipes and connections.

Drinking water supply

SHC specializes in drinking water distribution networks, from the sources and points of collection - pumping, to treatment tarpaulins and storage tanks, and to the particular connections of consumers.

These works relate to the construction:

  • the huts of sources and catchments

  • Winnowing and regulation chambers

  • Treatment stations

  • Storage tanks

  • Lift stations

  • And all types of interconnection and distribution networks


SHC has gradually developed all the skills to serve operators, municipal boards or concession companies.

We are involved both in new work on subdivision sites or in private facilities, as well as on a daily basis alongside concessionaires for the maintenance and improvement of networks.

Control of the pose

We are recognized by many communities for our expertise in installing drinking water networks.

Equipped with all the necessary tools, we are ready to lay any equipment and type of drinking water supply pipes (cast iron, PVC pressure, HDPE to be welded). We have a unique drinking water pipe replacement tool in Alsace, which acts by bursting and drawing place by place without opening trenches.


Our versatile teams work on all types of materials: interlocking or locked cast iron, HDPE, copper and lead.

We are particularly involved in the removal of lead connections by combining traditional opening techniques and non-intrusive methods such as micro-drilling.

Public sector

S.H.C. is the preferred partner of local and private communities in terms of construction and maintenance of networks, S.H.C offers innovative technologies, in Building, sanitation, and drinking water supply networks.

Our expertise

Notre expertise

Drinking water collection

We are carrying out the rehabilitation of old catchments, which were created over 60 years ago.

These are works carried out at great depth.

We have adequate equipment: a wide track excavator and armor.

Once found, we clean them and put them back into service, which allows us to obtain better throughput.

Strategy and management

Saving drinking water has become a necessity, a real asset. To do this, we use all our expertise to change existing dilapidated pipes, create new networks and resume connections.

Risks, and regulations

Our operations are often complex, particularly with regard to the phases of connection of the structures, continuity of service requires ... Sealing operations and modifications to the structures must also be carried out during our work. SHC supports communities to meet the development needs of their territory for the supply and distribution of drinking water.

Execution and organizations

SHC performs various operations such as line renewals, network extensions and network breakage repairs. These operations are carried out with all types of pipes (HDPE, PVC, steel, cast iron, etc.), on all diameters up to 1600 mm, including making the connections. SHC meets the needs and expectations of its public and private customers and works on drinking water stations and industrial sites requiring specific coordination.

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