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Various network roads

Quotation and invoicing

After a detailed analysis of your project and your future developments, we submit to you, without obligation on your part, a free detailed estimate of our service. Our team of specialists brings you the answer adapted to your needs.

As a single point of contact, we bring you a global technical vision allowing you to establish the priorities of your site while optimizing deadlines and costs.


In addition, our company offers you a wide choice of noble materials: paving, pavers, calibrated gravel, bricks, curbs, asphalt ..., coming directly from the production sites and transported by us.


The installation of all these materials is ensured by our qualified personnel whose skill and talent make all our reputation.

Roads and various networks

In roads and various networks, we carry out all or part of the works related to the construction or repair of roads, pavements such as asphalt, railways and their outbuildings (curbs, sidewalks and gutters) all according to security rules.

The masons vrd within the framework of their work, can drive machines of public works for the opening of pavements, burial of networks, search for leaks, installation of urban furniture borders, installation of pavements, installation of coatings such as deactivated concrete, paving, paving or coated. These activities are carried out after studies by our specialist in structural work or public works. ...


To do this, the Direction draws up a detailed map, and compiles and analyzes a lot of information on the constraints relating to geography, traffic and the environment as well as on the current development.

Our Ethics

We put all the skills of our qualified teams at your service to make your construction work go as smoothly as possible, successful, fast and sustainable work! We are constantly on the lookout for innovative, high-performance products, in order to provide you with an installation adapted to your expectations.


S.H.C. Developing its brand with complete expertise, from installations or network deviations to paving operations or laying of curbs and gutters in urban and rural areas, for public or private developments, SHC supports its customers in the realization of their projects across the country.

Public sector

S.H.C. is the preferred partner of local and private communities in terms of construction and maintenance of networks, S.H.C offers innovative technologies, in Building, sanitation, and drinking water supply networks.

Our expertise

Notre expertise


The components are spread mechanically using a truck or manually using a lance and shovel depending on the surface to be treated and the accessibility of the site. If the 1st layer of gravel is always composed of a crushed gray gravel of grain size 6/10, it is possible to have in finish (2nd layer) a crushed gravel of grain size 4/6 of color (stone or yellow tone) which will constitute the final color of the coating.

Concrete deactivated

Deactivated concrete or washed concrete is a concrete with a gravel appearance that reveals rolled or crushed gravels of colors on the surface. Deactivated concrete is conceived in the same way as ordinary concrete. It is enough to dose the different constituents according to the type of concrete that one wishes to obtain and to spoil them. Then it is a question of spraying a setting retardant deactivator at the time of pouring. After a certain delay (from 12 to 48 hours), remove the layer of surface mortar present on the surface of the concrete still fresh with a high-pressure cleaner which will reveal the colored aggregates. The pedestrian use time is 24 to 48 hours and the drying time is approximately 3 weeks.

Regulatory practices

Equipped with adequate and efficient machines, we will give your terrain the inclination, height and density necessary for the implementation of your project. We will also make sure that your land is well compacted and stabilized, for a more stable and buildable soil.

Depending on your needs, we will backfill, clear or level your land.

So do not hesitate to call on our services!

The Tar

It generally constitutes the upper layer of roadways (wearing course). Asphalt is manufactured in factories called "asphalt plants". It is implemented hot (around 150 ° C). The "setting" effect appears upon cooling (<90 ° C), so it is necessary to compact the bituminous concrete before cooling by subjecting it to the repeated passage of "compacting rollers". Unlike cement concrete, it can be used almost immediately after its implementation.

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